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V2H Australia is a world leader in innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies providing lower well capex and opex costs and higher productivity and recoverability to the resource industry.

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V2H Australia has exclusive access to two types of vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies developed through separate entities, with alternate end uses in mind. The IP associated with both entities is complementary and value adding, with hybrids of the systems already operating in the field.



Drilling multiple laterals in multiple zones from one vertical wellbore allows a significant drainage area from one low cost well.


Lower capital costs drilling multi-lateral, multi-zone vertical wells with the added benefit of fewer production wells for even greater capital efficiency. Work over existing wells where pay is trapped behind pipe to unlock value with existing infrastructure.


Unlike fracking, no hydraulic fracturing of the rock occurs. Controlled deployment allows a surveyed drill path within the target strata, defining the aerial extent of the drainage / stimulation.


Deployed using remote control from outside the hazardous zone and operates in conjunction with secondary well control, blow out preventers (BOP’s).


State and Federal Governments are bowing to public pressure and adding significant governance around well construction, the disclosure around the chemicals pumped during fracture stimulation, ground water monitoring of shallow aquifers and at the other end of the scale, banning fracture stimulation via moratoriums.

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Our Partners


Nitshke Energy Services (NES) is the exclusive deployment partner for V2H Australia and is a zero compromise, full spectrum services provider to the Australian energy industry. The company specialises in rapid and cost-effective well completion, maintenance and workover services for both conventional and non-conventional oil and gas assets.
A member of the Nitschke Group, the company was established by Jonathan Nitschke, former CEO of long term BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto contract partner John Nitschke Drilling. In 2008 Jonathan successfully entered the energy business with long term relationships with AGL Energy, Arrow Energy and QGC.
Under Jonathan’s highly experienced leadership, Nitschke Energy Services is absolutely committed to utilising equipment and practices that eliminate workplace hazards in pursuit of zero harm. V2H Australia is proud to deploy its technology through a company so aligned to its own values of safety and innovation.

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