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V2H Australia owns an exclusive, perpetual license to a range of innovative, tight radius, ‘Vertical To Horizontal’ drilling technologies that utilise high pressure water jetting, offering a high productivity, low cost alternative to fracture stimulation (fracking) and surface to in-seam drilling in low permeability reservoirs. The technologies also provide a low cost work-over opportunity to access by-passed pay or near wellbore formation damage.

We are a privately owned Australian business with a growing customer base and significant upside market potential in the Petroleum & Gas and Coal industries.

Extractive industries have a long history of adopting ‘step change’ technologies in times of commodity price stress, allowing producers to reduce costs and economically extract otherwise uneconomic resources.

Examples of step change technology include horizontal drilling and fracture stimulation – now utilised in almost every country in the world, but originally invented, developed and patented by small, innovative companies with vision and a desire to challenge the accepted norm.

Company Structure & Operating Model

We work with our partners to ensure we deploy the latest technology in a safe and professional manner.


V2H Australia engages with potential clients and assists in identifying and modelling value accretive opportunities and optimal lateral orientation and design. We cost out the value proposition and build a business case for work over or completion.

Once our clients are satisfied with the design of the program, our trusted deployment partner, Nitschke Energy Services (NES), manages the process end to end.



Our vision is that V2H Australia will be the technology of choice for the Australian energy and resource sectors for completions and work overs utilising new, world class ‘Vertical To Horizontal’ (V2H) drilling technologies.


V2H Australia is a technology company dedicated to providing high-quality well work overs and completions utilising lateral water jetting. We will engage with potential clients to offer our customers an attractive value proposition whilst maintaining a zero harm safety culture. Our technology is exclusively deployed via our trusted partner, Nitshke Energy Services. We intend to generate enough profit to provide a fair return to our investors whilst reinvesting in our continued growth and technology development through product innovation. We will maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, innovative thinking and hard work.


  • 2010

    CBMI – BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Broadmeadow – Lateral length exceeded the 300 metre mark with 4650 metres of laterals deployed over the three target coal seams in a single well.

  • 2012

    CBMI – Peabody Energy Australia, North Goonyella – Laterals deployed in to 1 metre thin target coal seam illustrating system flexibility.

  • 2012

    ZRL – Hill’s Well 28, Wichita Falls, US – Successfully drilled 3 laterals in to non-producing well resulting in 5 bpd oil production from tight sands.

  • 2013

    CBMI – BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal, South Walker Creek – Five well production pilot deployed under a commercial service model with record productivity (6,400 metres of laterals) and no system downtime.

  • 2013

    ZRL – O-Tex’s Well, Duncan, US – Successfully drilled 3 laterals in to formation damaged oil sands with fluid production increasing from 2bpd to 22bpd.

  • 2014

    CBMI – Arrow Energy, Bywern-3 – System successfully modified and deployed under the Petroleum and Gas Act using a rig assist model.

  • 2015

    Negotiated BHP Billiton’s exit from CBMI and merger with ZRL.

  • 2016

    V2H International and Australia incorporated and private capital raising.


February 2016 saw the merger of Coal Bed Methane Innovations (CBMI) and Zero Radius Laterals (ZRL) to form a new entity, V2H International, encompassing the world’s leading radial drilling technology. The Directors and management of the Company, together with CRCMining, have a successful history of commercialising industry driven technology.


Until the merger with ZRL, CBMI was jointly controlled and funded by BHP Billiton and CRCMining. BHP Billiton expended over A$15M in early trials and research and after a successful 5 well program in 2014, traded its equity option for a royalty – a strong endorsement of the technology, its commercial status and its demand. CRCMining is the pre-eminent industry-driven centre for global mining research and innovation. CRCMining operates differently to other research centres with a unique business model of industry collaboration leading to focussed outcomes and a strong history of commercialised technologies. Scott Adam (Chief Technical Officer – V2H International) was responsible for driving CRCMining’s ‘Underground Coal’ research program since the late 90’s after moving from a mining role as a mechanical engineer. He has been involved in tight radius drilling with CBMI, since its inception. He has extensive experience in mining research, with a technical focus on ‘step change’ drilling technologies including water jet drilling systems, novel coil tubing drilling and advanced geophysics sensing systems.


The ZRL technology was invented and developed by David Belew of Midland, Texas. Initial development was hindered by the availability of research funding. ZRL was established in 2010 when David’s business partner was bought out by a consortium led by Darren Rice enabling a critical capital injection. A number of technical enhancements were then made and multiple work overs were undertaken on producing oil wells throughout the US. In 2014, ZRL identified the complementary intellectual property of the two entities and approached BHPBilliton and CRCMining with regard to developing a hybrid system of the technologies. David Belew (Technical Engineering Consultant – V2H International) began his career as an engineer with Conoco, Inc in 1977 where he was responsible for offshore drilling, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, including 7 platforms and 70+ wells. He continued to work for a number of E&P companies in the USA until 2000. At his point, David began work on developing a radial drilling system, with the goal of being able to develop a through casing technology capable of bypassing formation damage to increase production and recovery from existing oil & gas wells.

Our People

The board and management all have extensive experience with the technology. Director, Darren Rice put together a consortium to fund the early development of ZRL after selling out of his UK IT Services Company. The Company retains the inventors and developers of the technology through the parent entity. The Senior Management Team are all shareholders in the company. Their personal investment represents a significant commitment to successful outcomes for clients.

Senior Management Team

Doug Henderson

Doug Henderson

Chief Executive Officer

Doug was appointed CEO of V2H Australia in mid-2017.

He joined the company after an extensive career in the oil and gas drilling industry including senior positions with Lucas Drilling Services, Scientific Drilling and WDS Limited’s Titeline Drilling division.

He also brings significant experience managing businesses complementary to the oil and gas industry including as Executive General Manager of Asset Services for Murphy Pipe & Civil.

He is a technical business manager with extensive and high level experience in business operations, production systems and oil and gas operations through a demonstrated track record of managing all aspects of a business.

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Stephen O'Keefe

Stephen O’Keefe

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Stephen is a Senior Director of PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. Stephen has twenty-five years of experience in the Chartered Accountancy Profession and is a Director on the board of numerous companies.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree, is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Fellow member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants, a Fellow Member of the Taxation Institute of Australia, a Registered Company Auditor and a Registered Tax Agent Services.

Over the past 8 years Stephen has been an active external director of the Zero Radius Laterals group as well as Apex Energy NL both involved in the development of underground resources and deployment of drilling technologies.

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Chairman & Directors


Glenn Davis

Non-Executive Chairman

Glenn is a solicitor and principal of DMAW Lawyers, a firm he founded. Glenn brings to the Board his expertise and experience in the execution of large legal and commercial transactions and corporate activity regulated by the Corporations Act and ASX Limited.

Glenn is a director of ASX listed companies Beach Energy Limited (since 2007), Monax Mining Limited (since 2004) and a former director of Marmota Energy Limited (from 2007 to June 2015).

Jonathan Nitschke

Jonathan Nitschke


Jonathan is a respected and skilled leader with 26 years’ industry experience in unconventional gas, mineral and hydro drilling. He is Managing Director of Nitschke Group, an Australian service company that delivers specialist services and equipment to the oil and gas, mineral and water well industries.

After studying business at Adelaide University, he worked in the family drilling business, assuming the role of CEO in 2005. He continued to grow and develop the business to become one of Australia’s leading drilling companies with 180 employees and 15 drilling rigs, servicing tier-one clients. Jonathan directed the sale of the family business to a multinational drilling company. Jonathan has been a Director of the Australian Drilling Industry Association since 2008 and was President from 2012 – 2015.

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Matthew Keegan


Matt has over 7 years of legal and advisory experience and is a former Director of international professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Matt has worked across multiple jurisdictions and held national leadership roles within the Legal and Financial Advisory divisions of PwC and other businesses. Matt has also held a number of other Directorships and board positions.

Matt’s experience includes advising some of the world’s largest companies, across a variety of industry sectors (including Energy, Utilities and Mining) on topics ranging from acquisitions, management buy-outs and restructures to performance improvement and technology consulting. As a consequence, Matt has a deep understanding of a wide range of legal and commercial fields, including corporate governance, M&A, corporate structuring, taxation and accounting.


Our Partners


Nitshke Energy Services (NES) is the exclusive deployment partner for V2H Australia and is a zero compromise, full spectrum services provider to the Australian energy industry. The company specialises in rapid and cost-effective well completion, maintenance and workover services for both conventional and non-conventional oil and gas assets.
A member of the Nitschke Group, the company was established by Jonathan Nitschke, former CEO of long term BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto contract partner John Nitschke Drilling. In 2008 Jonathan successfully entered the energy business with long term relationships with AGL Energy, Arrow Energy and QGC.
Under Jonathan’s highly experienced leadership, Nitschke Energy Services is absolutely committed to utilising equipment and practices that eliminate workplace hazards in pursuit of zero harm. V2H Australia is proud to deploy its technology through a company so aligned to its own values of safety and innovation.

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