CRC Mining and ZRL complete merger

Ben ReadyNews

We are pleased to announce the completion of the merger between Coal Bed Methane Innovations (a spin-off company of CRCMining) and Zero Radius Laterals (ZRL) to create the world’s leading water jet technology company.

Kevin Greenwood, COO of CRCMining said CRCMining had a long history of successfully commercialising cutting edge research into the mining industry.

“The establishment of the world’s leading water jet technology company has only been made possible through the support of BHP Billiton and CRCMining’s member companies,” he said.

“We’d like to formally recognise those past funding contributions in driving the technology to where it is today.”

Darren Rice, CEO of ZRL said “It’s been a two year journey since I originally identified the value opportunity in merging the complementary technologies of the two companies. We are all very pleased with the outcome and look forward to developing the business going forward.”